The Integrated Approach to Advertising...

Integrated started in New York City, the media capital of the world. Our approach is unique, aggressive, and founded on educated, experienced principles. We challenge ourselves to combine fresh insights that can help attract, connect and engage our clients' best prospects to their brands. We are diligent and do our research to find the right mediums for each client and campaign.

At Integrated, we have created tracking systems to track results for our clients so we can be accountable. We learned if we work closely with our clients, and monitor the results of our actions, of the advertising we've created for you, then we can affect the response. Our agency is founded on an 80/20 theory. That 80% of a client's business may be coming from 20% of their budget. When you know what is working and what isn't then you become a more profitable company. 

Does this take more time? Sure it does. But our sole focus is to grow your business. 

Integrated is not your typical ad agency. We are focused solely to produce results, grow our client's business, make their advertising campaigns profitable and beating their competition. Our clients know they won't be handed off to inexperienced account managers or art directors. We are strong on cost efficiency for production. This results in good work, less changes, and greater efficiency upfront. Our contacts allow us to produce promotions, sponsorships and develop partnerships unique to our client's industry.  

Our job initially is to help you determine what you need, and see if what we do matches that. After looking at our site, if you want us to help you determine your advertising and marketing needs, please contact us. Like any brochure or presentation piece, this website will only show you so much. To know more, call us and arrange a meeting.  



Our Advantages

  • Availability - We're always available for you whether its a quick brainstorming session or an urgent phone call.

  • One Stop Shop - We have the ability to do more than other agencies. Our services include production, tv, radio, print, web design, SEO and social media.

  • Media Placement - Integrated started on the principles of being the best media negotiators around. We'll target your media and fight everyday to make sure your getting the lowest cost per marketing dollar.

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Our Story

Integrated Advertising Inc. brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising expertise to their clients. Mary Lopez Huston, the founder and president, began her career in New York City. It was there she honed her skills in marketing, account management and media negotations. She founded Integrated Advertising with a vision of building a company that would be accountable to its clients and successful in its results. Based on this philosophy and proven track record, Integrated Advertising has retained both its local and national clients. Read more...