Why is Advertising and Marketing for Your Small Business Important?

If you own a business and are wondering what you could do to increase sales or even gain new long term customers. Then you might want to look into marketing strategies for your company. No matter how small the business is, it can benefit from advertising. Advertising lets people know the company exists. If you have a small business with a low media budget there are still numerous means of efficient advertising available. For instance, Pay-Per Click, social media, local TV stations, local radio, local newspaper, the company’s website and the best one of all, word of mouth (WOM) can spread the word about your company for a low cost.


Advertising helps generate traffic, which helps build a loyal customer base along with a reputation. If the company wants to expand from a small business to possibly a multi-million dollar business then it should advertise. Advertising gives the company an advantage over competitors. It draws interest to the business, generates sales and even increases profits.

Advertising also saves the company time and energy! Many people research products on the internet before they decide what or even if they are going to purchase the product. By advertising your product in multiple media outlets, it is already effectively displayed online and readily available for potential consumers to access. This makes it easy for consumers to make a decision and the company to gain business.

There are countless reasons why a company should advertise but the best reason is because, if done properly, it works. Owning and operating a business in today’s society without advertising is like getting in a car without a motor. It’s not going to go very far, if it goes anywhere at all! So make the investment and start advertising your company today.

Integrated Advertising Inc., is a full service agency based in Jacksonville, FL with over 20 years experience in marketing and advertising. We were formed based on the vision of creating an Ad Agency that would be accountable to its clients and successful in its results. We are focused solely on producing results, growing our client's business, and making ad campaigns profitable in order to beat the competition. We do this by producing great creative, great media - both traditional and online - and by tracking and producing RESULTS. This fusion ensures that every one of our clients get small-agency attention with big-agency power. Our expertise means that we understand your needs, and what you're trying to accomplish.