Why You Should Advertise Through Social Media


To anyone that thinks social media is going to go away you are sorely mistaken. Social media and internet advertising will grow and grow until old media becomes extinct. There are many perks to advertising through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Let’s start off with the most important reason you should advertise through social media. Money! It is a lot cheaper to advertise your product or services through social media then it is to advertise through the old media. A post on Twitter or Facebook every couple of days and a contest or two per month will only cost so much. These posts will be viewable forever and you won’t need to pay for reoccurring rates. In comparison, to advertise through old media specifically a radio or television ad you need to pay to develop the ad and then need to pay for a commercial spot with a local or national radio or television station. You will have to pay every time you want the spot to be seen or heard. Social media advertising is a cheaper and easier process.

Another reason to advertise through social media is the possible reach your advertisement can have. In the old media unless you pay millions of dollars for a Super Bowl ad there is really no way its reach can compare to social media’s reach. As of October 2013 roughly 500 million people are using Facebook. The Super bowl this past year only had roughly 111.5 million viewers.  That’s almost a 400 million difference in potential reach.

Sharing advertisements is also something that you may only get through social media. You may even have people not attached to your company advertising for you through social media if and when they share your advertisement with their friends or followers. You also can actively engage with people through your online advertisement. Something you couldn’t do through the newspaper or a magazine.

Social media is an often changing and evolving world. You should capitalize and learn the ropes before it is too late. If you want to save money and reach more people then why not use social media to advertise?