Mad Men Marketing

From meetings and martinis to multimedia marketing things have certainly changed since the 1960s. Many of the changes we’ve seen in marketing since Don Draper’s day have certainly been due to the technology that’s been developed since the 60’s.   

  •  1964: The Xerox Corporation introduced Long Distance Xerography (LDX) which many consider to be the first commercialized version of the modern fax machine. A couple years later Xerox than released a Magnafax Telecopier, a smaller and easier to operate unit that could connect to any standard telephone line. This machine was capable of sending a letter-sized document in about 6 minutes.  
  •  1971: Ray Tomlinson sent the first electronic message to himself that was said to pave the way to the email we currently use today. Ray Tomlinson said that the first test message he sent was something completely forgettable such as QWERTYIOP. Tomlinson is also known as the person to thank for the use of the @ symbol as the locator symbol in email addresses. 
  • 1970s: Telemarketing was a popular tool in the 1970s that helped businesses generate sales and spread messages about products since many phones moved from being inside stores and street corners into homes.  
  • 1991 & 1996: The World Wide Web became available to the public in 1991 and Hotmail launched the first free web-based email system in 1996. This allowed for the introduction of email marketing that let companies send out newsletters and build trusting relationships with their customers.  
  • 2005 & 2006: After the launch of YouTube in 2005 and the launch of Twitter and Facebook in 2006 the marketing world was significantly changed. Marketing had changed from just sending messages to consumers to using these social media tools to have advertisements reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time. 
  • 2007: Apple introduced the iPhone to the world. The iPhone helped revolutionize mobile communications and the world of mobile marketing. The increased popularity of the iPhone caused texting to become more common than calling and by 2010 QR codes became a prevalent marketing tool. 

The marketing world has certainly seen a transformation since the Mad Men era and as our technology continues to evolve it will be interesting to see how the future of advertising will change with it.