Christmas Advertising at its Finest

What do you get when you combine emotion, a great story line and powerful messaging? Brand awareness, recognition and a great, memorable commercial. The Christmas season can be the most wonderful time of year for marketers and advertisers. The ability to create compelling advertisements that not only tell a story and promote brand awareness, but create an emotional connection of happiness or comedy, with its audience, is essential. For many people, the holidays inspire feelings of togetherness, hope, magic, and love. Advertisers incorporate these deeply rooted associations into their commercials to attempt to capture the hearts of their audience.

As we’re closely approaching Christmas, let’s recount five of the best and most memorable Christmas commercials of 2015.

Apple Inc. “Someday at Christmas

In this 2015 Christmas ad, Apple introduces its VoiceOver features on its MacBook and Apple Watch. Though each device makes a minimal appearance, Apple excels in telling in a story about family with the use of Stevie Wonder’s classic 1967 song, “Someday at Christmas” featuring Andra Day. It's beautifully shot and turned out to be one of the biggest hits of 2015.


Macy’s “The Wish Writer

Wishes do come true in this Macy’s ad. The touching story of caring for one another makes a big impact. The kids really make this ad worth re-watching.

Target " The Journey Begins"

Target has really amped up their production values in recent years. This mostly CGI commercial is one of 5 that follows the story of kids who get magically transported to a world filled with toys and gingerbread men. Their goal here, on top of selling toys, is to generate enough interest in the story, that viewers will go to their website to watch the next chapter...and perhaps a little shopping. 


Hallmark “Family Photo"

Hallmark, who can usually be synonymous with sappy themes, chose to go the comedic route with a series of amusing holiday commercials poking fun at family dynamics. The "Family Photo" commercial is our favorite for its' spot on satire.


Coca-Cola Company “Taste Christmas

Coca-cola, who is often credited with creating the modern image of Santa Clause that we have today, has produced very successful Christmas campaigns for the past several decades. In this fun advert, we are reminded to think and feel positively.

Commercials are a big part of product promotion. They help establish audience interaction and engagement. Creating a great and memorable commercial takes time, research, and a lot of creativity to capture the right message the product should promote. Understanding where to begin can be difficult.

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