Getting Creative with Billboards

The most predominant medium of outdoor advertising that’s been in business for more than 180 years are billboards. Through time, billboards have maintained a firm presence in the advertising industry, adapting to current trends that capture the essence of the product or brand. At Integrated Advertising, we want to salute our fellow agencies who’ve displayed some wonderful creativity.

Frontline: Flea & Tick Spray Ad

                                  Found on

                                Found on

The most creative way to see just how bad fleas and ticks for our pets was cleverly created by Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency of Indonesia. The agency chose the best location for its ad placement and consumer engagement. The brand and product received great exposure and consumers unknowingly engaged with the ad as they portrayed the fleas and ticks.


Formula Toothcare: Bite Ad

Talk about having strong teeth! This ad created by Ogilvy & Mathers of Indonesia comically puts an emphasis on the toothpastes ability to not only clean your teeth but make them stronger.


Koleston: Change Ad



Lighting is everything, especially for an ad placement. Ad agency Leo Burnett in Lebanon, used the sun as the most natural light to promote Koleston’s natural hair colors.


BBC World: Two Sides Ad

                            Image courtesy of

                          Image courtesy of

There are two sides to every story and BBC World News wants to report both sides to everyone. Ad agency BBDO cleverly advocates BBC World’s international news coverage by using a corner billboard ad to portray it’s message.

Berger: Natural Finish Colors Ad



Why buy regular paint when Berger’s paint gives it the natural finish? Ad agency J. Walter Thompson (JWT) in India used an optical illusion that promotes the brand’s natural finish paint colors.

Nationwide: Split Paint Ad



Texas based ad agency, TM Advertising, created a three-part masterpiece in Nationwide’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The ad, located on the Atlas Building in downtown Columbus, shows how abruptly one’s life can change and the importance of having insurance. The ad starts with three full gallons of paint with a caption saying, “life in full color.” It quickly ends in a mess, as one of the gallon’s spills. The ad ends with the saying, “life comes at you fast.”

Even though today’s advertising focuses heavily on digital advertising, billboard advertising is still an important platform that should be used. Billboards are a powerful tool when they are well-created and placed strategically. They are a great medium to reach a mass audience and even better, they can’t be skipped or blocked, they are always visible.

With the right messaging and creativity, billboards not only generate user engagement and brand awareness, they tell a story and really help sell a product. If your business needs help with billboard strategy, Integrated Advertising can be your experienced resource.

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