Making Super Bowl History- The Commercials That Win It All

Heads up ladies and gentlemen! Super Bowl LI (51) is right around the corner and we are all excited to see our favorites battle it out for the glory.  No, we're not talking about the game, we're talking about the commercials!

For advertisers, the Super Bowl is more than just a game. It’s the most important time of the year to showcase their work and reach millions of people, not for just a couple seconds, but for a lifetime. As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, let’s look at the eight most famous commercials in Super Bowl history. 

Coca Cola “Mean”

Coca Cola won the hearts of many with this commercial featuring Football Hall of Famer, Joe Greene, and an adorable 9-year-old fan. Known for always spreading happiness even during tough times, Coca Cola always seems to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Apple “1984”

In the 1984 Super Bowl, Apple showcased a brilliant movie-style commercial that introduced the world to its Macintosh computers without showing the product. The commercial was aimed at Apple’s competitor, IBM, which at the time was prevailing. The idea was to emphasize that one doesn’t have to conform to just one computer.

Pepsi “Cindy Crawford”

Coca Cola’s longtime competitor has been known for using celebrities in its Super Bowl commercials. In 1992, Pepsi struck gold by featuring famous supermodel, Cindy Crawford. With humor and sex appeal, Pepsi captured the attention of a mass audience and forever etched in their minds the image of Ms. Crawford relieving her thirst with an ice cold Pepsi.

Budweiser “Wassup”

Budweiser comically made this commercial go viral before viral was ever even a thing! With minimal dialogue and the repetitive use of just one word, “Wassup,” Budweiser generated a lot consumer engagement. The commercial was creatively done and has even been recreated in movies like Scary Movie.

Volkswagon “The Force”

Using child actors can be a great method of capturing viewers' attention to a product. Volkswagon hit it big not that long ago with this commercial that takes a comedic route and excels in showcasing family life, recapturing our youth and the force of a great car.

Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Old Spice created a masterpiece with its 2010 Super Bowl commercial. It was quick, witty and creative. The ad launched actor Isaiah Mustafa into instant overnight stardom. Six years later, Old Spice is still keeping with the theme of strong, dashing, handsome men wearing their product, with a sense of humor. Not a bad concept at all!

These commercials all have one thing in common. They were, and still are, creative. They do more than just sell the product, they sell you an idea or tell a story that most people can relate to. The Super Bowl is more than just a game of football. It’s a real competition for advertisers to display their work all in hope of creating a masterpiece that gets recognized for a life time.

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