Integrated is in Our Name for a Reason

We're a full service advertising agency. This means that we can handle all of your marketing needs from corporate branding and marketing strategy to production and media buying. Sure, tons of agency's offer these services, but what makes Integrated different is that we track your results and increase the effectiveness of every marketing dollar you spend. 


At Integrated, we focus on providing the best creative work possible because we take pride in what we do and want to produce something our clients are excited about and feel comfortable using to represent the brand. We don't stop until we have created a BIG PICTURE that takes our client's goals and translates them easily into a creative approach, media, promotions and results. Click here to read more.


Our team at Integrated works tirelessly to produce the media plan and buy that meets your goals. We plan your companies marketing strategy, negotiate rates with the media company your business' behalf, place your advertising orders strategically in the right media and finally track the leads to see what changes need to be made throughout the campaign. RINSE, WASH and REPEAT!


Our Minds are like the body of a marathon runner. Every day we train them to create offer, phrase, tagline...something that will separate our client from the competition and set a standard that others will attempt to live up to. The BIG PICTURE is seen through the creative approach and materials we produce. The kind of BIG PICTURE we create does more. They are long term, original ideas that take on a life of their own and help our clients become the kind of company they want to be. Click here to read more.

Web Design

You know what they say about first impressions. Your website design is your online identity, therefore at Integrated, we develop engaging and user friendly websites that speak clearly to your target audience. We can design sites from the ground up or help you stay true to your existing site by increasing its effectiveness. To see examples, click here


We offer search engine optimization services that help businesses with a limited budget or an extensive marketing budget to squeeze out the highest possible return on investment. We'll get your business to the top of the results and ensure the traffic generated is valuable and will lead to conversions.

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Social Media

Want people talking about your brand? We create unique and comprehensive social media strategies that will accomplish your goal of reaching people in a way that is personal, relevant, and desired. Integrated uses an understanding of how people think, understand, and connect to create unique social media strategies around your company, your customers, and your brand


Public Relations

Public Relations is about clear and consistent messages. Its about creating a brand that the public can identify. We provide a results-focused public relations campaign to a broad range of clients. We draw on a synergistic mix of marketing disciplines, planning, evaluating and executing.


Marketing Collateral

Whether you're in need of a brochure to highlight your businesses capabilities or an advertisement to get you noticed, Integrated delivers crisp and attractive designs to communiate your message and align your brand. We have creative designers who will gain an understanding of your business and tailor it to visually appeal to your customers.



Billboards are designed to catch a consumers attention and create a memorable impression, leaving the consumer thinking about what they saw even after driving past it. When part of an integrated marketing campaign, billboards can be one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.