The Coolest Places to Work in the World

Many companies boast a fun and relaxing work environment, but not all of the companies’ actual buildings exude fun and relaxation. This list of places to work is less about how fun the actual job is and more about the great perks of the workplace.


1. Comvert:

Comvert in Milan, Italy is a skateboarding and snowboarding clothing company. Not only is the residence of this company in a great location such as Milan, but the inside of the building is what makes it one of the top places to work in the world. Inside there is a skate bowl, that the employees can skate in at work!


2. Pixar:

Located in Emeryville, California this animation studio looks a lot like a Pixar movie itself. The inside looks like a magic wonderland with many flashy colors and designs. The game room isn’t too shabby either.


3. Selgas Cano:

Selgas Cano is an architecture studio located in Madrid, Spain. The workspace may be a little tighter than one would want but the placement of the offices are amazing. This studio is located in the center of a forest and the offices there have glass windows the employees can look out and see the peace and serenity of nature that surrounds them.


4. Inventionland:

The corporate headquarters of Davison Design & Development is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As you can tell by the name, this workplace’s design is incredible. With many different set designs such as pirate ships, race tracks, faux caves, a castle, and a giant robot. The designs at Inventionland will bring out the inner child in everyone.


5. Google:

Everyone knows that Google is a great place to work. Their office building located in Zurich, Switzerland is filled with amenities for all of the employees. With game rooms, slides, a library, an aquarium, food everywhere, and tons more there is no wonder why Google is such an awesome place to work.